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Stainless Steel Pizza Scissors


WARNING: Sale Stock is VERY Limited!
Item specifics
  • Pizza Shovel Scissors / Kitchen Tools
  • Easily Cuts and lifts pizza with one tool
  • Shovel detaches from scissors for easy cleaning
  • Stainless Steel, Silicone Handles
  • Color: Red handle
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Q: Does the base come off for cleaning?

A: Yes, the base can easily slide off for cleaning. We recommend hand washing for best results.


Q: Will the scissors cut through thick pepperoni or veggies? 

A: Yes, these pizza scissors will cut through most pizza toppings.


Q: Can these cut through thick crust pizza?

A: Depending on the thickness, these should do the trick. They have been tested on homemade pizzas, many frozen brands, & they even work on the DiGiorno® Rising Crust pizzas.  The only pizza there have been issues cutting are with the Chicago Deep Dish 🙁


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