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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Lockets

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These beautiful Essential Oil Diffuser Lockets are the perfect addition to any essential oil lovers jewelry collection!

Each locket comes in your choice of bronze or antique silver finishes. Each comes with 5 colored,  washable pads that you put in the locket and add whatever type of essential oil you wish to smell and surround yourself with that day!

It’s a 70 cm chain and is comfy and very relaxing to wear as you can smell a lovely essential oil all day long without having to drag around a plug in oil diffuser!

Originally 24.95 now on SALE for FREE – Just Pay Shipping & Handling !!

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Bronze, Antique Silver


Sunflower, Round Gears, Dimensions, Flowers, Hearts & Flowers, Hearts, Star, Peace, Riveted Peace


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