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3 in 1 Protein Powder Shaker Bottle


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  • PREMIUM 16 OUNCE (500ML) SHAKER BOTTLE – Sturdy and Pliant by Design, Ensuring Increased Lifespan Compared to Rigid Plastic Bottles With No Leaking. Perfect Volume For Mixing Your Favorite Supplements.
  • TWO, 200CC TWIST AND LOCK DRY STORAGE COMPARTMENTS – A Blender Bottle Built for Convenience and Results. Make Use of One or Both Twist and Lock Storage Compartments to Easily Carry Multiple Supplements. Finished Your Pre-Workout? Great, Get Started on Your BCAA’s Straight Away! This Cup Makes Supplement Use Even Easier.
  • SMART, UNIQUELY DESIGNED MIXER ATTACHMENT – Supplements Are a Great Thing, But Not When They’re Stuck In Your Teeth! Our Spiral Mixer Blends Even Heavy Powders, Quickly Eliminating Chunks Giving You Smooth Easy to Drink Shakes and Smoothies. No Shaker Ball Needed.
  • BPA AND PHTHALATE FREE – Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe, Keeps Your Shakes and Smoothies Toxin Free Ensuring Your Best Health.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Our Shaker Bottles Are Covered With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Buy With Confidence!
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Syder Shaker Ultimate Shaker Bottle – Top Rated Blender Cup with Superior Multistack Storage

Made for the On the Go Active Person, Spyder Shaker’s Ultimate Shaker Bottle is designed to Keep All of Your Supplements in One Place.

Why Spyder Shaker?

Inspired by the idea of convenience, efficiency and hassle free supplement use, Spyder Shaker began manufacturing multi-compartment products such as the Ultimate Spyder Shaker Bottle. These Shaker Bottles were easily recognized by the market because of its unique design and practical innovation.

Our desire was to maximize people’s use of their supplements, making them more convenient and in turn maximizing results. … And that’s why we released this Shaker.

The bottle includes six component parts:

• Lid with a convenient and flip cap design, making for easy access and consumption

• Uniquely designed powerful shaker attachment for easy mixing and dissolving your supplement powder into liquid, no chunks, a smooth shake and no noisy shaker ball rattling around

• 16 oz (500 ml) large capacity primary compartment for water, juice, milk, or your favorite drink.

• 2, 5 oz (150 ml) twist and lock attachable compartment cups for storing scoops of protein powder, pre-workout, post-workout, snacks the possibilities are endless!

• Optional Insert* Three compartment divider cup perfect for supplement tablets such as fish oil, vitamin C or other capsules

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