Sale! 5L Waterproof Dry Bag
5L Waterproof Dry Bag
Item specifics
  • Item type: Waterproof bag
  • Main material: High strength fabric
  • Capacity: 5L
  • Color: Orange, White, Green, Blue 
  • Size: Approx. 38 * 28cm / 15 * 11in (Flat measurement)
  • Weight: Approx. 147g / 5.2oz
  • Package size: Approx. 28 * 8 * 3cm / 11 * 3.1 * 1.2in
  • Package weight: Approx. 155g / 5.5oz
This is 100% waterproof, keep your items inside perfectly dry. You can put your mobile phone, MP3, PDA, camera, etc. into it. Protect your items from dust, water, snow, rain, - just enjoy the outdoor life freely.  The added hook  allows your to hang the dry bag on your backpack or waist. Durable buckle can fix firmly. Easy to wash and durable to use. When not used, it can be rolled or folded, saving space and portability. An ideal product for your outdoor sports: river rafting, boating, sailing, swimming, and fishing, hiking, cycling, etc.
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Folding Survival Shovel With Compass & Case
Folding Survival Shovel With Compass & Case
Item Specifics
  • The mini folding shovel is an ultra lightweight, smart multi-function, super compact tool for backpacking and outdoor activities.
  • The handle of the folding shovel folds twice. It is made to be compact in size when folded so it can easily be packed on a camping trip or stored in a backpack.
  • Comfortable soft rubber grip handle, thickened cutting edge, ergonomic design.
  • The military entrenching shovel can be used either straight or at a 90 degree angle.
  • It comes in a convenient carrying pouch with a loop so the shovel may attach to a belt or backpack.
  • Made of strong tempered forged steel, the shovel measures 41.50cm long when unfolded, includes a serrated edge on one side of the blade so it can be used to saw off lightweight branches.
  • Comes with a compass at the bottom of the shovel.
  • Product Size : 16.31 x 3.62 x 1.77 inches((L *W *H))
Did you Know:
  • A folding camping shovel can also be used to scoop out rocks and flatten a surface for a tent as well as dig holes for tent stakes. Folding shovels can also be used to create a fire pit.
  • Trenching shovels are another name for the folding shovel since its pointed type of blade makes it suitable for digging trenches around campsites to collect water away from the campsite.
  • A folding mini shovel is often used in gold panning to scoop and dig through rocks to search for pieces of the valuable mineral.
  • These tools also make mini snow shovels for digging tires out of snow banks. It include a pick tool that can help crack ice or remove rocks.
  • The folding shovel can be used to dig tires out of dirt if a car becomes stuck.
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Outdoor Water Bottle Holder Clip
Outdoor Water Bottle Holder Clip
Whether you are walking, hiking, or just need a spare hand, this water|soda bottle holder is just what you need. With this little item, you can hook up almost any plastic bottle to the clip and strap it on your side for easy access and a handsfree day of adventure.   Item Specifics
  • Nylon webbing with velcro & snap to secure your bottle to your belt or backpack.
  • Easy clip design to remove and attach almost any plastic top disposable water|soda bottle.
  • Just unclip from the strap, open your bottle and you are ready to drink.
  • Keeps your hands free from holding your water|soda bottle.
  • Great to have multiple or give as gives to your friends.
  • Flat Fee Shipping Rate - So order more than one and pay a low shipping price.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!!!
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Sale! Power Traveller Dual-USB Waterproof Solar Charger
Power Traveller Dual-USB Waterproof Solar Charger
Item Specifics:
  • Energy backup, add hours of power to your devices
  • Protect your phones from overcharging, short circuit,discharging.
  • Output Voltage: DC 5.5V
  • Input Voltage/Current: 5.0~5.5V
  • Battery Capacity: 3.7v/5000mAh
  • Solar PV Panel: 5.5V 300mA 1.5W
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Skull Face Mask
Skull Face Mask
Special LIMITED Sale - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - (2 for $4.99)
Sale Ends 1-15-17
Item specifics
  • Type: Party Masks, Grimace
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Cover Area: Lower Half Face
  • Mask Material: Polyester
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